The Lobstick Lynx Club

Junior forest wardens is a non-profit organization that supports and encourages families and youth to experience the outdoors.

This group brings communities and families together to teach and involve them in supporting our environment. Similar to Cubs, Sparks, Girl Guides, Brownie, Junior Forest Wardens is a club that teaches youth and parents about Forestry, Ecology, Leadership, and Wilderness survival but also family and community togetherness. Members of Junior Forest Wardens get to enjoy activities like rock climbing, canoeing, hiking, camping, kayaking, snowshoeing, and cross-country skiing. They get to learn about trees and plant diseases, animal homes and how to support them, Grasslands and wetlands, what their importance is to our future, prevention of forest fires, learn to survive in the wilderness by teaching them how to build shelters, what plants are ok to eat, how to collect healthy drinking water, and how to stay warm and dry in difficult situations.  

The Lobstick Lynx Club took part in The Great Prairie Bottle Harvest to accumulate funds to hire instructors to teach the families about ecology, forestry, and wilderness survival as well as help pay for activities and events we plan throughout the year.  They raised over $818.55, helping make it affordable for families to enjoy fun filled exciting experiences that they might not be able to normally afford. They were grateful for this opportunity to fundraise and get out and meet more families in their area.

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