The Calgary Saints Pee Wee 2 Hockey Team

The Calgary Saints Pee Wee 2 Hockey Team participated in The Great Prairie Bottle Harvest to raise funds for a variety of expenses that come with the sport. On October 20th, their team of pre-teen players and parents successfully raised $950 to offset upcoming travel, tournament costs and skills training.  

According to Julie Haskill, hockey is important for kids to get involved in because not only do they get to enjoy skills improvement on the ice but the opportunity to participate in a community program that supports teamwork, comradery and mutual support. There's a sense of shared responsibility for the outcome, this synergy means that their players are able to work harmoniously with one another. Teammates learn to support each other through wins and losses, encouraging them to always give their best effort and that a loss isn’t the end of the world.  As a community, they strive to see their young players learn, grow and make the most of their time on the ice.

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