The Alder Flats 4-H Multi Club

The Alder Flats 4-H Multi Club have been around for more than 21 years. Members can take part in a variety of projects and activities including crafts, scrapbooking, woodworking, leadership, creative options, outdoors, and vet sciences. They encourage young people to become involved in activities that allow them to explore a variety of environments, natural settings, take part in fitness activities, all the while having a great time. Their emphasis is on diverse learning and skills but still allowing members to choose their own level of participation based on their comfort levels and skill.

The Alder Flats 4-H Multi Club took part in The Great Prairie Bottle Harvest on October 20th, 2018.  Their volunteers, primarily children did a fantastic job collecting empty beverage containers from their community and surrounding areas. 15 members of the club successfully collected $551.85 towards their trip to Snow Valley Ariel Park. One step closer to reaching their total goal, the kids are excited to go and look forward to raising more funds towards this great but typically expensive activity.

You can learn more about The Alder Flats 4-H Club here

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