Flying Dogs Rescue Canada

Limiting suffering by reducing the number of stray dogs in areas where they operate.

It all started when their founder, Sara Antwis, was a howler monkey research assistant in Mexico. A locally known stray dog (Paloma) was found injured one morning at Sara’s research site. With no place for Paloma to heal, and Sara herself sick with typhoid, she rented a house to use as a temporary shelter. Upon discovering that even local animal activists had no place to nurse strays after they being spayed or neutered, Sara decided to provide a safe place for dogs. By housing male dogs during their recovery, future stray populations can be managed.

Putting these vulnerable dogs back on the street was not an option, thus her search for suitable adoptive homes began and Flying Dogs Canada was born shortly thereafter. Flying Dogs Canada raised funds in The Great Prairie Bottle Harvest to offset the costs of the 3 shelters and a network of fosters in Canada as they work to reduce stray populations in Mexico.

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