Dogs With Wings

Dogs With Wings Assistance Dog Society was founded in 1996 as a registered charitable organization, providing Guide Dogs for the visually impaired.  

Since that time the organization has trained and placed many service dogs and has improved the lives of many Albertans with special needs. Dogs with Wings’ mission is to foster integration and independence for Albertans with disabilities by providing them with highly trained assistance dogs and aftercare.  Every year in May a graduation is held to celebrate those service dogs who have received their “wings” and are working with clients as a Registered Service Dog. On this day, the tears flow as story after story are told by individuals and families regarding how their Dogs with Wings service dog has changed their lives for the better.  Children with autism are able to successfully attend everyday public outings and events with their family with their service dog by their side; individuals with vision and mobility impairments gain independence in the community; and service dogs provide comfort and support to children who have suffered traumas and are receiving treatment, are testifying in courts, and are being their most courageous selves because they four-legged loving Labrador is by their side.

Dogs with Wings currently has over 300 volunteers serving the program in Edmonton, Calgary, and Grande Prairie.  There are sponsors who help tremendously and every bit of fundraising helps as Dogs with Wings is completely non-profit.  It costs approximately $40,000 to raise and train a service dog. The funds from the Great Prairie Bottle Harvest in Grande Prairie will go towards funding the next service dog in receiving the care and training to earn it’s “wings”.  The Grande Prairie Dogs with Wings group has been in operation since 2011 and we are proud to have raised over 15 working service dogs.

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