Adam's Army

Because there’s no such thing as an army of one.

Adam’s Army is named after Tamara Leask’s son, Adam, who was diagnosed with cancer when he was just thirteen months old, fighting a brave ongoing battle until the age of sixteen. The charity helps families of children undergoing cancer treatment with everything from paying bills, buying groceries, or helping with any unexpected financial costs of treatment. Costs sometimes not covered by provincial health care.

“We spent fifteen years fighting his cancer. Unfortunately, along with the emotional distress comes an enormous financial burden. Money was very tight at times, but bills had to be paid. As a family and community, we often held fundraisers to help ease the cost. We started Adams Army to help other families and individuals, as so many others had helped us.”

Adam's dream was to help families just like his, and as his family, we are honoured to continue his dream since he is no longer able. ”The Great Prairie Bottle Harvest for Adam’s Army was held on Oct 13 in Clairview and the surrounding area, along with another drive in Caroline on Oct 27 by organizer Lorrie Hamilton. “If we can help by paying an extra expense or an everyday household bill, then we relieve parents of one less worry.” Lorrie shares explaining how meaningful the support and funds raised can be to families in need.

How to Help
Adam’s Army is always looking for new volunteers and sponsors in helping achieve their mission of relieving some of the financial burdens from families going through cancer treatments.

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