Alpha Rhythmic Gymnastics Club Performing Team

Drive Date

October 27, 2018

Event Details

We would like to invite you to participate in our upcoming fundraiser for Alpha Rhythmic Gymnastics Club Performing Team. Our club is a not for profit organization and has been in operation for over 25 years. Many of our team members are part of the Brookview community and train at George H Luck school weekly. These young men and ladies also train along with two other performing clubs and are part of a 52 member performing team. Our performing team recently achieved an incredible goal. Over the Canada Day long weekend they performed at a National Gymnaestrada - a gymnastics festival involving gymnastics clubs from all across Canada. At this event the teams were adjudicated and we were ranked quite highly which qualified us to be one of the teams to represent Canada at the 2019 World Gymnaestrada which will take place in Dornbirn Austria this coming summer!! In order to make this event as cost effective as possible for our gymnasts' families, we are looking to do much fundraising. Consequently, our gymnasts have teamed with Alberta Depot and will be holding a bottle drive in late October in the Brookview area to help fund their trip.

We would greatly appreciate your support through your donation of recyclables and bottles. We will be in the neighbourhood Saturday October 27th – if you are not home when we pass by, you may leave your donation outside your front door and we will gratefully pick it up on our way through. Alternatively, we will have a trailer parked outside of George H Luck School (300 Bulyea Road) that day where you are welcome to drop off your recyclables and bottles.

Thank you!

The Coaches and Gymnasts of

Alpha Rhythmic Gymnastics Club Performing Team

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Event Address

George H Luck School, 300 Bulyea Road
Edmonton, Alberta
T6R 2L4